How Does It Work

Works a lot like a Grass Whistle

How To Whistle With A Blade Of Grass

Next time you're outside
pluck a blade of grass for an easy way to entertain yourself 
and annoy some birdies.

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Step 1: Pick a blade of grass

Pick a flat blade of grass that's as long as your thumbs.
You'll get more sound from a 1/4" wide, coarse grass than from thin, fine grass.

Step 2: Put the grass between your thumbs
Press your thumbs together at the knuckles with your fingernails facing you. Put the grass lengthwise between your thumbs.

Step 3: Pull the grass taut
Pull the grass taut, so there are no kinks or twists. You should see the edge of the blade centered in a gap between the base of your thumbs and your knuckles.

Step 4: Blow
Purse your lips, put your mouth to your thumbs and blow. You may have to move your lips or thumbs to make a sound, so keep trying.

Experiment with sounds
Play around with different kinds of grasses and reeds. 
You can make as many different sounds as there are 
blades of grass on your lawn.
The Fly Away Birdies Humming Line vibrates 
like the grass whistle, but on a grand scale. 

Fact: A grass whistle isn't technically a whistle; it's a reed instrument.