Fly Away Birdies Humming Line produces a sonic net. This does not have to be loud because it is a combination of waveforms. These waveforms are called colored noise. This forms both a non-constructive and constructive interference with how birds talk to each other. This sonic net technology discourages birds from flying into or spending time in the targeted area. The impact to the birds is like talking in a crowded room. And since they cannot understand each other they go somewhere else.

agriculture bird control


agriculture bird control
For Agriculture Bird Control - The Fly Away Birdies line is a humane and easy to use bird repellent. It is an effective bird deterrent, that emits an ever varying sound and vibration that birds won't go near.

The sound it makes changes so birds can not get used to it. It is safe, simple, durable and easy to install. You install Fly Away Birdies line between upright stakes. The line will emit humming sounds when you have a slight gentle breeze and will get louder as the wind picks up. Fly Away Birdies line is harmless to crops, birds and animals.  When to install: Install at fruit set. Remove from field and re-spool after harvest.  How to install: Install humming line between in row uprights 15' to 30' apart. Pull line to remove slack. Avoid twisting line.

Low crop use: For shorter crops, place lines on 10' to 12' row centers with in row uprights 15' to 30' apart. Humming line should be 24" over canopy.

Brambles,  vines and trees: Place the lines above crop or between rows 8' to 10' above ground level. Uprights should be 15' to 30' apart.  Removal: after harvest, take the humming line down and either throw it away or recycle it. Note: The higher the humming line, the farther the harmonic sound will travel. You can hear sound up to several hundred feet away. Want to buy the Fly Away Birdies Humming Line? ClickHere.

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